ABOUT ZEEN CLOTH, a renowned fashion brand that offers trendy and affordable clothing for men.As a premier destination for trendy and high-quality clothing, we redefine style with a passion for individuality. Our founders, blending fashion expertise with entrepreneurial spirit, set out to revolutionize the industry. Zeen Cloth curates a fashion-forward brand for modern, conscious individuals who seek to make a statement through their wardrobe choices. Explore our diverse range, celebrating individuality and embracing diversity in every stitch. Discover a new era of fashion at Zeen Cloth – where your style speaks volumes!

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BACKGROUND approached our IT company with the aim of seeking a digital solution to enhance their online presence and improve customer experience. Through our collaboration, we developed a web app that revolutionized how Zeen Cloth interacts with its customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and significant business growth. They wanted a modern, responsive, and visually captivating platform that would reflect their brand identity and attract potential customers. Our team embarked on this project, focusing on creating a seamless user experience and incorporating essential features to enhance the website’s functionality.Zeen Cloth’s commitment to excellence met our dedication to innovation, resulting in a dynamic platform that elevated online shopping experience.


CHALLENGES faced multifaceted challenges in enhancing its online presence. The primary goal was to design a visually appealing website that balanced aesthetics and functionality to align with the brand’s image. Ensuring a seamless user experience with an intuitive navigation system for their extensive product range was crucial, aiming to streamline the shopping process. Mobile responsiveness was prioritized to cater to diverse devices and screen sizes. Inventory management issues, including stockouts and overstocking, affected customer satisfaction and financial performance. The manual order processing system led to delays and errors, impacting customer order fulfillment. Additionally, a lack of centralized customer engagement platform resulted in missed opportunities for personalized marketing campaigns and valuable customer feedback



Our design team created a visually appealing website for Zeen Cloth, balancing aesthetics and functionality with high-quality visuals. We ensured a seamless user experience through an intuitive navigation system and a streamlined checkout process. The site is fully responsive across devices. For inventory management, we integrated real-time updates and automated alerts to prevent stockouts. Efficient order processing was achieved by integrating seamlessly with the inventory system. A customer engagement platform was established from scratch, enabling account creation, personalized recommendations, targeted marketing, feedback collection, and loyalty rewards to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Revolutionize your shopping journey at Zeen Cloth with our innovative features. Experience seamless product additions through the Ajax-powered ‘Add to Cart,’ ensuring swift browsing. Effortlessly refine your search with layered navigation filters, exploring categories, sizes, and styles. Enjoy customer-centric flexibility with hassle-free order cancellation within a specified timeframe. Our straightforward refund process guarantees a stress-free shopping experience, while exclusive savings await with coupon codes and exciting promotional events, combining fashion with affordability.

TECHNOLOGY STACK Technologies we utilized

  • ux-design


    Our frontend design harnesses the power of HTML for structure, CSS for style, and JavaScript for dynamic interactivity. This ensures a visually appealing, responsive, and engaging user interface.

  • wordpress


    Zeen Cloth leverages the robust content management capabilities of WordPress, providing a flexible and user-friendly platform for website management.

  • woocommerce


    Powering our e-commerce functionality, WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with WordPress, offering a feature-rich and customizable solution for product management, order processing, and payment gateways.